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Face Products

Hydra (Moisturizing)

Hydra (Moisturizing)

A line with an intensive moisturizing action for the skin, on the surface and deep down as well. It stimulates the physiological skin moisture mechanisms inside the cells, in order to boost the ability of the epidermis to retain its own water reserves.

Restoring proper water balance of the skin, ensuring an effective natural protection barrier and preventing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Lift Evolution (Face lifting)

Lift Evolution (Face Lifting)

The first advanced lifting treatment that works directly on the cell. To reposition facial volumes. An all-round anti-age action on face, eye contour, neck and décolleté.

Those who want their face to look firm, lifted, younger-looking and smoother. For an instant and long-lasting “self-lifting” action.

Balance Evolution

Balance Evolution

The treatment that helps restore balance, purity and radiance to combination, oily and impure skin, fighting imperfections. It helps normalize skin that is characterized by excessive sebum production.

To fight the problems of oily and impure skin that is greasy, shiny and asphyctic with enlarged pores, blackheads and imperfections.

Body Products

Hands Professional (Anti-Aging)

Hands Professional (Anti Aging)

The first technological treatment for hand care, with an anti-age, anti-spot* and protective action against external attacks. Specific formulas and active ingredients obtained from advanced cosmetic research, of an outstanding treatment with proven effectiveness.

Taking care of hands by dealing with all of their main problems through a global action.

Amazing and functional: the signs of time are diminished and the skin is suppler. After the treatment, hands look perfectly nourished, smooth and even-toned, with less dark spots.

Body Professional (Slimming)

Body Professional Slimmimg

A high-tech digital skin care from Becos brings solution to all your slimming needs. The range is categorized to caress three major areas in fighting fat associated with edemas cellulite (Fluid retention), compact cellulite (Localized fat) and soft cellulite (Toning)

Rolls of fat and orange-peel skin? Imperfect body curves? Cellulite problem? Water retention with feeling of bloatedness & heaviness

Becos Cell Control Complex™ is capable of working and preventing the onset of imperfections and favoring the fast return to normal conditions. It eliminates toxins, drains liquids, reduces localized fat by 40% and provides new firmness to the body. A bona fide zone play. We are talking about Cell Control products for specific areas, for breasts, waistline and stretch marks. This way, you can get back into perfect shape. Dedicated to your décolleté, a targeted treatment to increase breast volume and strengthen the elastic support fibers.